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My Flesh and Blood

Thursday, July 22, 2010 , Posted by ebizar at 5:05 PM

Susan Tom of Fairfield, CA, is not a typical single mother — Tom is the head of a family of 11 adopted children, all of whom are physically challenged or living with long-term illnesses. Tom and her special family are the subject of My Flesh and Blood, a documentary which examines the dynamic of this household, as well as the often demanding physical and emotional needs of the 11 kids and the heavy emotional burden Tom must sometimes carry as she looks after children who may not survive to adulthood.

Produced for the HBO premium cable network, My Flesh and Blood was screened in competition at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. This is a documentary you will want to see more than once, as it is a remarkable story of an extraordinary family.

The decision Susan Tom has made to adopt so many children is astounding, and she deserves a lot of respect, even tough she is not portrayed (or wants to be portrayed) as an angel or saint. We (as viewers) see that there is normality within that “abnormality”, as the household have to deal with the same everyday stuff all families deal with (on top of the specific (medical) problems relating to the various members of… (Amazon)

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