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What is INDIE?

Friday, July 23, 2010 , Posted by ebizar at 4:41 AM

At a time when independent artists in the music industry have more power and control over their careers than ever before, “What is INDIE?” tries to determine just what it really means to be ‘indie’. The film features interviews with indie music experts including Panos Panay, Derek Sivers and Suzanne Glass, as well as with 20 artists including Penny Lang, Ember Swift and Paul Cargnello.

In defining what it means to be ‘indie’, as well as looking at the changing landscape in the music industry, the film ends up being a rallying cry for indie artists, and has been hailed as ‘inspiring’ and ‘empowering’ by artists worldwide.

Without any prior background in film (except for watching Super-Size Me “way too many times”) and funded entirely with his own credit cards, Montreal director Dave Cool has taken the film from a small do-it-yourself project and turned it into an indie success story in its own right that continues to turn heads in the music and film industries, even catching the attention of, Newsweek Magazine… (Sonicbids)

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