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Ben Stein’s Flunked: No Intelligence Applied

Sunday, August 29, 2010 , Posted by ebizar at 4:02 AM

Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed subjected viewers to the fact burning, logic twisting, psychedelic head trip of Intelligent Design propagandists and their conspiracy-theory ravings.

This under-appreciated exposĂ© by YouTubes own PrometheusWithLight delves into the seedy underworld of ID and it’s noisy, clumsy, paper trail laying transmutation from Creation Science, meticulously dismantling claims of Academic Intolerance.

ID propagandists continually whine that Mainstream Science is suppressing evidence of Forethought and Design in nature, and that ID research is being similarly suppressed.

The reality? They conduct NO research; They submit NO studies for publication. Hard to suppress the nonexistent. Fun for the whole family, you’ll cheer as the films Archetypal hero, Prometheus, valiantly exposes Fundie Doublespeak to the Light of reason.

If you hated or even liked Expelled, this is the must see movie.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist)

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