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DNA – The Molecule of Life

Sunday, August 1, 2010 , Posted by ebizar at 5:36 AM

What is the force at the heart of life? What is the engine that drives it forward? That links all living things from the smallest to the largest, that links families through generations, looks, personality, health, and in sickness?

Scientists have searched for the answer for hundreds of years, until 1953 when two young men ran into a British pub shouting that they’ve discovered the secret of life.

The secret was DNA, a microscopic strand of only four chemicals but capable of such infinite variety that it carries the blueprint and directs the growth of every living thing on earth. The genetic revolution was about to begin. This is a documentary about genetics and ethics.

Part 1 – The Secret of Life

Part 2 – Playing God

Part 3 – The Human Race

Part 4 – Curing Cancer

Part 5 – Pandora’s Box

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