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The iPod Revolution

Friday, August 6, 2010 , Posted by ebizar at 10:51 AM

The iPod Revolution goes behind the scenes and gives the inside story of how Steve Jobs gave Apple new life and paved the way for iPod to takeover the mp3 market and redefine the music industry.

The digital music revolution has been bigger than anyone could have imagined, well almost anyone. It seems one company, in particular one individual, Steve Jobs, saw into the future quite clearly. Apple Computer Company currently holds a market share of not only digital music players, but they also have the largest online music store. It’s odd that the company that only holds a market share of 7% for personal computer users, has the whopping 70% market share for MP3 players.

Apple computer is a company that was founded on innovation and the always-expanding frontier. At the time when Apple introduced its first iPods in 2001, most companies rejected the idea. Many companies thought that the iPod was an overpriced CD player and nothing more. Competitors are kicking themselves now because the iPod mini is America ‘s best selling MP3 player. Apple has also dominated the industry by selling songs and more through its iTunes music store. To date Apple holds over an 85% market share for electronic music and has sold over half a billion tracks.

Apple has been successful in this market for several reasons, but mostly because they offer both the player and the music, all packed into an easy to use, streamlined package. Apple Computer developed an innovative product at the right time and marketed it in the right way. Now iPod has established a brand name and has become more than just a music player. Microsoft and Bill Gates dropped the ball here, and Jobs in no way wants to let them into the scene. Apple continuously has updated the iPod and iTunes products to remain number one in the business.

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